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    Shadow of Death 2 v1.39.1.2 MOD APK

    Shadow of Death 2 MOD (Money)

    Shadow of Death 2, Do you want to join the fight with darkness, and shed light on the kingdom of Aurora? A result of the Shadow of Death series, a role-playing game series by the publisher Brassstar Games. This is very similar to the fast-paced hack n slash game Shadow Fight 2. You control a warrior in the dark, fighting and killing all enemies. If you like 2D role-playing games with lots of new things, this is the game you can try.

    The story follows the first part

    The plot is a key element of this series. It is well invested. With a long and detailed story, the game moves players and encourages people to discover more stories about the character and his kingdom. In terms of content, Shadow of Death 2 has a plot that follows its predecessor. From the first part, the state of Aurora has completely collapsed. Darkness is everywhere. It brings crime and demons. The king only cares about power; no longer cares about people’s destiny and life. The hope of this kingdom is ending…

    You play as Xmas – a knight of the Aurora kingdom. He wakes up with empty memory. His memory was erased. Max didn’t remember who he was, why he was here. She was taken care of by a girl but was later abducted by demons. Max now wanders off with his sword, fighting monsters to find his girl. Warrior! You are the only hope for Aurora. Join Max to fight the monsters, defeat the darkness, and bring the kingdom back to light!

    Fast-paced hack-n-slash gameplay

    Regarding gameplay, Shadow of Death 2 has gameplay that offers adventure and action on the horizontal screen of mobile devices. With the best warrior’s sword and skill, you will join the battle with the monsters in the dark. After killing all the monsters in one stage, the final boss will appear. They have the ability to kill you with just one attack, so you need to know how to counter enemy attacks and use a sword to defeat them.

    As in the first part, the game has two main modes, adventure and challenge. The Adventure Mode is divided into chapters, each chapter with stages of increasing difficulty. After completing a step, your character is level, helping you build strength, energy, and ability. If you are lucky, you can get some stuff like helmets, coaches, weapons,…

    Enjoy Double Map

    Currently, Adventure mode includes two maps The Great Swamp and the Black Sea. Focus on the birds (appeared in stage 2 of the Great Swamp). They are small, but can constantly kill you by running on warriors. When I started playing, I had a lot of trouble killing these birds. They fly very fast. You can know when they go down by observing their colours. They will turn red as they prepare for the attack. In my opinion, you should jump when you come down, and swing your sword and kill them correctly.

    Shadow of Death 2 has a console similar to other role-playing games on mobile. The virtual stick on the left side of the screen helps you move the main character. Skill keys, jump, attack the right. By adding keys at the same time, you can create amazing combos with massive damage.

    Weapons, armors and Graphics

    Shadow of Death 2 provides players with advanced weapon systems and equipment. The weapon is open to participate in combat or buy from the store. You can equip Max with the armour of legendary swords, strong warriors. Weapons are divided into several types, common, rare, epic, and symbols. Not only the prominent power but also the Legendary swords have a beautiful effect. The red colour of the sword stands against the black background, which matches the blood of the enemy.

    Currently, Shadow of Death 2 has only one character. You can customize this character by changing the character and dress. Shadow of Death 2’s background colour is dark, combined with a 2D horizontal screen, making you feel as though you are watching the characters’ shadows. If you’ve ever played some games like Shadow Fight 3, Stackman Legends, you’ll know this colour and landscape.


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