Rusted Warfare RTS Strategy v1.14 MOD APK

rusted warfare rts strategy mod apk

Rusted Warfare RTS Strategy MOD (Money)

Rusted Warfare RTS Strategy, A classic real-time strategy game. In it, the player will control his army, which will consist of various armed forces, both ground and air. The user doesn’t need to extract resources, so the entire gameplay is focused on combat. The fighter will fight against enemy forces, using all-terrain and landscape. To win, you must demonstrate the tactical skills and tactics of war. How gamers can pass a storyline campaign with multiple missions and connect eight people with real opponents in multiplayer mode.

One kind of resource

There is only one kind of resource in the game, ie, no restrictions on population, start ear control, and all four farmers are on the move. After catching the mine, the defense tower is located in the nearest frontline of the enemy. The front defense tower is cheaper and more than capable of dealing with the enemy. Then it will be used as a defense tower in other mining areas to avoid harassment.

Mod, Map & Wide Range Units

A real shop for “old” players who in real-time misses the old school strategy. Many modes, many maps, a wide range of units, as well as the possibility of multiplayer battles, awaiting generals. Also for those who love creativity, there is an editor that allows you to create your own unique script. Immerse yourself in the world when games were small and computers were good.



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