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    Real Steel, Today, as a scientific-technological advancement, new technology has emerged, and robots have not moved forward with our human lives. It is estimated that in the future, robots will replace people who work daily. Don’t know, will the future of Android be? People have created a series of fantasy films, such as Real Steel around the subject. Not long ago, I suddenly found the game World Robot Boxing, which I found fascinated by the film’s original steel. I’m really excited about this game, so I introduced you. Tell me about this game offline content.

    Real Steel Game Story

    Real Steel Story is a game that takes us very far from where humans can build robots. At that time, robot boxing became popular, which turned people on the battlefield and created spectacular screen battles. Well, you’ve got a robot in the waste yard. You loved the robot and brought it back to life with a desire to become the most influential martial artist. What would you challenge to become a champion?

    Become giant Titan and fight

    Real Steel is a role game where you control your robot and defeat all enemies on the platform. The game offers a series of robots with powerful abilities. However, the first time you play, you are provided with a default robot, along with the usual data. A system that requires robust robots will be fed when completing a series of tasks. To become the most powerful boxer, you have to travel around the world, take part in all fields and defeat all enemies in battle. You will have good fighting skills, and add offensive skills that the game console offers faster opponents to sign. The game offers three game modes to help you showcase your fighting skills. You can fight 1v1, 1v20 with the machine or join a 1v1 online match with many other players on the Internet.


    • You can play your online internet connection with your friends on the Internet connection or just on Bluetooth. Of course, the person who wins this person will claim their success on the social network.
    • New Methods and Challenges: Every time a new version is updated, the publisher adds a lot of new challenges. These challenges are based on trends or special holidays. For example, the Christmas version will be a robot boy.
    • Players can upgrade and create their own robots.
    • If you know the film “Real Steel” and want to experience a real boxer, it’s a game for you.


    Real Steel Games is not only gameplay but the story. The graphics and effects are well designed. You will face a war of fire, beautifully attacking its targets. At the same time, the sound quality is also good, including the sound and the richness of the audience will give you real feelings, such as standing in the realm. What are you waiting for, don’t download this game and add it to your fun collection?


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