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    Homescapes MOD (Star/Coins)

    Homescapes, ahighly focused game in which Playrix has received over 100 million downloads worldwide. The contents of this game are well-connected between intriguing and shared gameplay style. Players will experience a puzzle game that includes simulation and storytelling. In addition, the game also has a slight connection with the Gardenscapess. If you find this unusual, you can download both games for the experience. Did you try Gardenscapes?

    Your home is your puzzle

    Going back to Homescapes, one can see that it uses extremely eye-catching graphics. As soon as you enter the game, there will be bright scenes to praise you. A large mansion will appear, and that player will come home. The story of this game begins when the childhood of the protagonist is not as brilliant as before. It may be sold to another owner. Austin didn’t like it because it was the most memorable place for him. This is why this old butler maintained and lived in the place as well as tried to make the house look old.

    Game Design

    The game design is in full 3D format with very bright colors. It may not have the grandeur it had before, but its structure and architecture will make you love it at first glance. After the gameplay period, players will use their imagination to design and arrange furniture themselves. Make this place your most comfortable place to stay. Many rooms and accessories are beautifully painted. In addition, it also gives a bright spot for the game when you join and about puzzles, graphics. “Homescapes” provides you with exciting and creative effects, smooth movement and miscellaneous items.

    Beat colorful match-3 levels

    By participating in the game, your ultimate mission is to make your mansion the best and most beautiful state. When Austin had just returned, it was just an empty and cold house, lacking extensive but human care. You have to help this old man recover everything. But they are not free, and unlike other simulated games, money is not automatically earned. Under “homescapes” players need to complete some puzzles to get indoor decoration as well as other prizes. Sometimes decorations will not be available, and you will buy them for game currency. Later, things will become more difficult, and money will be more difficult to find. Also, decoration in the game will be expensive, so you have to put a lot of effort into collecting everything.

    Homescapes Mod Apk Pleasant environment

    There are many pets in the game to make the environment pleasant too. You will feed a few cats and dogs and sometimes birds. They will make the house more energy-efficient. If you want to visit other homes and friends, this is possible for your own social network of games. See how they live and chat, interact with them a lot.


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