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    Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition v1.0.7.705 MOD APK

    Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition MOD (Money/Unlock)

    Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is an online role-playing mobile game developed and released by Square Enix. It’s an abridged edition of Final Fantasy XV, which was released in June for Windows, Linux, Android, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita.

    If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, then this new game will certainly entice you to buy it. The story is based on the events that occurred during Final Fantasy Versus XIII… Where a small town has been invaded by the Empire of Man and its army. With no other choice, the population turns into refugees, and they are forced to leave their home… But the arrival of a mysterious girl named Prompto triggers an adventure of which they’ll never forget.

    Choose your character

    In Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, the player gets to choose between playing as one of the main characters… Like Noctis, Prompto or Gladiolus. The other side of the story takes place after the events of the main game… Un the present day, and the player controls the actions of Noctis and his friends. Prompto can play the role of a love interest for the main character and become a crucial part of the story. Besides, the game is available in the English language. So if you’re looking for an adventure that’s set in a beautiful and captivating world, then this one definitely delivers.

    A huge number of quests and tasks

    In Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, you’ll find a huge number of quests and tasks to complete… Which is why it’s advisable to have more than one player playing the game at the same time. This will give you the chance to team up with other players and help each other succeed. Another good thing about the game is that it allows you to play in co-op mode… Where your party can fight against monsters while they are fighting alongside you.

    As mentioned earlier, the story in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition isn’t that original. However, its graphics and the storyline is very well done, bringing back the old memories of playing games in the past. The world is extremely detailed and picturesque, and the background music is also quite interesting. The graphics and sound effects of the game are great as well… With the best quality found in many smartphone games.

    Play single or join group

    In Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, you can play the game alone or with a group. If you want to play solo, you need not worry; the game offers both the option of playing without any help at all and with the help of friends and family. There’s also the option to choose between using a “Friend” rank in the game to gain help or play without a specific character. The levels of difficulty are different according to the game itself… But the overall experience is still similar to those found in the main Final Fantasy games. The game offers many other options such as collecting and equipping items, levelling your character up and choosing different jobs.

    Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition offers a wide range of weapons

    You can use different weapons, abilities and items to complete the quests… As well as battle different enemies and bosses in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. The game features many hidden features, such as weapons and abilities that cannot be used until a certain level of experience is reached, so you need to keep your eyes open for these. The game also features the ability to customize your character by adding many skins. To your character by finding certain parts from chests and treasure chests hidden throughout the game, as well as grinding monsters to level up.


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