Driving Zone Russia v1.30 MOD APK

Driving Zone Russia

Driving Zone Russia MOD (Money)

Driving Zone Russia, A street racing simulator on cars made in Russia. You can choose from classic cars and the latest models produced in Russia. Each car has its own character and the sound of the original engine. All the models have thoroughly researched the body and the interior, giving a unique sense of realism and complete presence.


Start the engine and, ahead of dense automobile traffic, speed up the busy highway and earn points that will be useful for unlocking new cars and other sports features. You can choose from four unique tracks with different weather conditions, road widths and number of lanes. Arrange races on the Street Circuit, where the sky is covered with beautiful hills and forests behind tall lakeside buildings or on the suburbs, or choose a line through the hot and dry desert, but if you are really an extreme racer So, then you must enjoy the winter track along the dangerous snowy road, where there are only trees covered with pure snow and ice. Available choices any time of the day, which will be changed dynamically in real-time.


This racing simulator gives you the ability to choose a driving style that can be quiet and safe or extreme racing. The multitude of settings allows you to customize a level of car physics realism, ranging from arcade and easy to the most realistic, as is a challenging simulator of racing that will help you with your driving skills. Have to show Record your gameplay videos and share them with your friends on social networks through each Place service. You can edit recorded video replays and comment on your device using the camera and microphone.


That being said, AveCreation is one of the most beautiful video game studios ever known. All scenes in the game are ready for detail, especially for racing cars. Thanks to the sheer technology of the new generation with the HD light effect, the players have brought very realistic images. Do not forget that the game has rock music. You have to recognize the dozens of music involved in this game. Of course, AveCreation has to play these songs in their games. Had to buy a copy of the studio.



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