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    Deep Town Mining Factory v4.6.1 Mod Apk

    Deep Town Mining Factory Mod (Money/Diamond)

    Deep Town Mining Factory – Have you ever wondered, what’s inside the earth’s crust? Is there only earth, rock, and rare metals or even underground civilization? Currently, scientists have proven to be the home of millions of different types of bacteria. Because at such high temperatures, very few species are able to survive and thrive. However, if you still want to explore the underground world, try this game. Deep Town is a mining simulation game combined with fantasy elements. It opens you up to the deepest adventures of the planets.

    A simulated game of Rockbite games has reached over one million downloads on Google Play. Experience the work of mining minerals deep in the earth. You can build factories and towns. Become the boss and manage the factory.

    Dig Deep

    Each planet has many layers. Lots of metals, minerals, gems and many other types of resources. These are the precious resources that power gives us. Therefore, focusing on the mining industry helps you to make huge profits quickly. Of course, you need to know how to protect the environment.

    Deep Town’s gameplay is a combination of a variety of games such as a clicker, idle, management, simulation, strategy. Once you’ve found a suitable cave, you can start building mining stations. The extraction process is as follows: Start with a laser gun, drill a lot of drill bits to dig deeper into the underground floors. When your robot goes to a certain depth, you can find ancient civilizations, which are human artefacts from millions of years ago.

    Build your factory

    In Deep Town, you own a company in the mining industry. Your job is to run the company and everything related to the mining process. Discover potential land mines, use advanced machinery and technology to take advantage of as many resources as possible. Discovering new zones is a very useful feature to help maximize profits. Mining costs are very expensive if it is too deep. This game has 10 zones. Instead of trying to dig deep, you can logically change the zone. They both help to work easily with minerals, saving you a significant amount of money. Use modern technology to exploit maximum resources.

    For starters, you only have a few manual machines. After making a lot of money, you can buy a variety of advanced machinery and even a drone. Clicking gives you money and upgrades, but your device can work even when you’re offline. After a while, you will slowly notice your role in this company rapidly declining.

    Beat bosses

    The underground risks are numerous. They are fantasy monsters. They always try to sabotage your mining process. Not only upgrade the factory, but you also need to create powerful weapons to defeat the game monsters. Deep Town gives you Ice Freeze, Nano Cloud, Fireblast and many other weapons. Upgrade weapons to protect your ears from hordes of monsters. Every ear is a book that contains a lot of information about the structure and basis of the earth. If you care about texture, history and the structure of the earth, this is a game that will help you to learn it. The design of many ancient civilizations in Deep Town was very interesting. A free and open game, allowing you to learn, exploit, and much more.

    Are you ready to become a mining tycoon in Deep Town? Finding, expanding and building your own factory. The game is completely free, no internet connection is required. You can play anywhere, anytime. Even when you sleep, your company keeps working, and you can get paid the next morning. If you like games that are worthless, you can try out the Idle Miner Tycoon.


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